Have You Been Charged With a DUI?

Have You Been Charged With a DUI?

Our bail bonds company can help in Twin Falls, ID

When you're arrested for a DUI offense, you'll typically remain in jail until you appear before a magistrate or judge and are arraigned. The purpose of this is to make you aware of the charges filed against you and set your bail or bond. The amount of your bail can vary depending upon the charges. Once it's set, Eve And The Outlaw Bail Bonds can help you make your DUI bail bond.

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We can help you post your DUI bail bond in Twin Falls, Gooding, and Jerome County

A DUI is a serious offense, and the amount of your bail will depend on several things. Those things include:

  • Your criminal history
  • The bonding schedule in your jurisdiction
  • Whether this is your first offense

Your first DUI is usually counted as amisdemeanor, but your second conviction within five years is counted as a felony. This can cause serious negative consequences, including complications, restrictions and frustrations.

If you've been arrested for a DUI, start your journey to better decisions by calling our bail bonds company. We'll post your DUI bail bond in Twin Falls, Gooding, or Jerome County quickly and efficiently.